Healing circle earrings

1099 kr

Healing circle earrings are a pair of fantastic earrings made of sterling silver 925 with shimmering shell pearl beads, manala charms and faceted drops of smoky quartz attached together with a pea chain. The earrings are about 10 cm long.

The pearl symbolizes faith, trust, honesty, innocence and gives us hope that spiritual wounds can be healed into an inner shimmering wisdom.

The mandala is a circle that has neither a beginning nor an end and that symbolizes eternity or perfection. The circle is a symbol of equality and balance and is said to be able to help us focus better. The word Mandala (मण्डल) is Sanskrit which loosely translated means “circle”, “secret circle” or “center”.

The smoke quartz helps you see through and resolve negative energy fields generated by destructive thought patterns and emotions such as anger, hatred, revenge and judgmental values. It is a protective stone that acts as a shield against external projections and negative energies.

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