No negativity mala

1295 kr

No negativity mala is a piece of jewelry that removes negative energy and stores positive energy. It helps to provide clarity and helps to increase focus and awareness. It can also provide increased concentration. No negativity mala is a careful hand-knotted mala in zen style with 108 + 1 stones and a small bumble of pure rock crystal combined with nickel-free metal details antique plated with 22 karat gold.

Rock crystal, or Mountain crystal, is a beautiful all in one stone, said to remove negative energy, balancing imbalances and strengthening your energy. It is generally healing and can be placed on painful or tense parts of the body. Balances imbalances and solves blockages and is an excellent rock to program with wishes and affirmations. Wear a rock crystal to increase your energy and your spiritual awareness. Creates energy that helps you focus your awareness and transform negativity that is blocking you in your life.

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