Enlightening mala

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Enlightening mala gives you courage, strengthens your self-esteem and creates positive energy. Enlightening mala is a carefully hand tied mala in zen style consisting of 108 pieces, 8 mm, round- and faceted stones of agate and jade, with a final guru bead of raw rock crystal combined with antique silver plated metal details (999,9/1000 silver).

Agate is a foundation stone that strengthens our self-respect and self-esteem. It gives us courage and action when we feel insecure. The stone helps to remove energy blockages in the body, promotes balance and better health. Agate can also be worn to attract love and to avoid vanity thoughts and misgivings.

Jade is a wisdom stone, which has protective and healing properties. Jade is calming and counteracts stress while giving you energy and clarity. It helps you to be humble before life, develop your inner wisdom, works as a guide through life and reminds you of the strength and the peaceful existence of the deep forests.

he rock crystal creates energy that helps you focus your awareness and to transform negativity that blocks you in your life. It opens doors for the good and positive, and enhances healing and is also said to stimulate the intuition and is generally healing in physical imbalance.

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