New life mala

1395 kr

New life mala is a carefully hand-knotted mala of rose quartz, garnet, muscovite, moonstone, jade and pearls of wonderfully fragrant sandalwood along with silverplated details (999.9 / 1000 silver) specifically designed to be worn by women who are trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy and in motherhood.

Garnet is used for protection and counteracts miscarriage. The rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that helps in fertility problems and helps the body’s healing process after delivery. The moonstone is one of the strongest crystals of fertility and especially for women trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy as it increases the female energy and love energy that facilitates natural fertilization and helps balance the female hormones. Jade protects against injury and facilitates the entire pregnancy and at birth. Muscovite helps to gather thoughts and to heal pain.

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