Perseverance mala

1295 kr

Perseverance mala gives stamina, enthusiasm and joy and helps you to find curage to make the right choice in life. Perseverance mala is a carefully hand knotted zen style mala that consisting of 108 +1 beads of carnelian combined with antique silver plated metal details (999,9/1000 silver).

Carnelian is a energy stabilizing stone and is known for strengthening the individual and stimulating creativity. It is often called the stone of fashion. Carnelian is said to keep us from jealousy, hate and fear and free us from sorrow. The carnelian is a foundation stone and its strength cleans away the negativity of other stones when carried together. Feel free to carry carnelian when you want to finding the right choice in life. It can be worn as protection during pregnancy.

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