Protective energy mala

1395 kr

Protective energy mala protects you against negative energies and balances your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies and has a deep calming effect. Protective energy mala is a carefully hand-knotted zen style mala consisting of 108 round amethysts, 8mm, and a final guru bead, 10 mm combined with details antique plated with fine silver (999.9 / 1000 silver).

Amethyst is said to work against headache and sleep problems, and is used as protective amulet against negativity and stress. Amethyst is a stone with strong and purifying vibration that can be used for meditation and healing. Amethyst strengthens our intuition and our spiritual presence and the name amethyst comes from the Greek word for “not intoxicated”, which comes from the crystas ability to protect against, for example, intoxication and toxins of various kinds, as well as addiction and desires.

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