Strength and Clarity mala

1295 kr

Strength and Clarity mala helps the wearer to see things in a larger perspective, it creates confidence and passion for life. Strength and Clarity mala is a carefully hand tied mala in zen style consisting of 108 +1 pieces round stones of onyx and lava combined with antique silver plated metal details (999,9/1000 silver).

Lava represents the elements of fire and earth. The stones are rich in minerals from the depths of the earth’s core and the fire is associated with energy, self-esteem and passion, while soil stands for more practical qualities, restraint and materialism.

Onyx can be used to heal grief, to strengthen self-control and to stimulate wise decision-making. It will give both happiness, success and luck. The receptive character of the onyx helps us to absorb the forces and the energies of life and the universe that we need. It balances difficult conditions, the masculine side of the feminine and sexual charges so that there is no overvoltage in any direction. It also provides the power to dare to let go.

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