Sea and sky bracelet

479 kr

Sea and sky bracelet balances you emotionally, mentally and physically. It helps you listen to your inner voice, open your senses and protects you on your path through life. It also strengthens your self-respect and self-esteem. Sea and sky bracelet consists of beads of white and blue colored jade, amazonite, aquamarine and angelite combined with antique silver plated details (999,9/1000 silver). The bracelet is about 16 cm in circumference and threaded on an elastic thread.

Jade is a wisdom stone, which has protective and healing properties. Jade is calming and counteracts stress while giving you energy and clarity.
The Amazonite gives you insight into bad habits and how they can be broken. Helps you to formulate your needs and how to formulate them to others.
Aquamarine is a stone that makes feelings like sympathy, trust, harmony, courage and friendship to rise.
Angelite strengthens the skeleton and leg structure and can accelerates healing in fractures. It strengthens all our senses by removing veils that distract and relieve throat problems.

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