Gemstones and their meanings

Stones and crystals have been used for centuries to balance, purify and heal human beings and we are not only influenced by the energies of the stone or the crystals but also of its color and properties. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties and some are best suited for abundance and prosperity, while others are better for love, relationships and harmony, or even protection and shielding.



Agate is a foundation stone that strengthens our self-respect and self-esteem. It gives us courage and action when we feel insecure. The stone helps to remove energy blockages in the body, promotes balance and better health. Agate can also be worn to attract love and to avoid vanity thoughts and misgivings.


Aquamarine is a stone that makes feelings like sympathy, trust, harmony, courage and friendship to rise. Blue aquamarine has a divine and eternal color, as it is the color of the sky and the sea with all their life-giving qualities. The stone awakens love and gives power to marriage as well as promotes all kinds of relationships. It is also very suitable for meditation.


The Amazonite gives you insight into bad habits and how they can be broken. Helps you to formulate your needs and how to formulate them to others. Raises awareness of your feelings and actions towards others. Used it to take care of yourself, to do what you think is fun, and encourage you to go your own way. Supports you with all kind of change and donates to breaking up and choosing a new path in harmony with the heart’s heartfelt desire. Acquires money and increases the chance of success, as well as helping you set limits.


Angelite strengthens the skeleton and leg structure and can accelerates healing in fractures. It strengthens all our senses by removing veils that distract and relieve throat problems. Angelite helps with clear and loving communication and increases the ability to weigh your words and promote collaborations.


Amber relieves physical and mental pain, warms and gives you new vitality. It cleans the atmosphere from disharmony, and is therefore ideal at home or at work. It attracts love, friendship, money and success. It’s a grounding stone that does not let you go into worry and depression. It is a stone with much power and strength tha balances uncertainty of various kinds. Builds up your female aspects and produces positive sides and properties of the wearer. Amber is often called the northen gold and has been used for jewelry for several thousand years. It is made up of resin that has hardened for millions of years and become hard. Amber is found in many places in the world and there are several age limits for when resin can be called amber, most accepted is that it should be more than 20 million years old. It is said to convey a warm, sunny and energy that stimulates the body’s self-esteem through transformation of negative energy into positive. It can be said even facilitating tricky choices.


Amethyst is said to work against headache and sleep problems, and is used as protective amulet against negativity and stress. Amethyst is a stone with strong and purifying vibration that can be used for meditation and healing. Amethyst strengthens our intuition and our spiritual presence and the name amethyst comes from the Greek word for “not intoxicated”, which comes from the crystas ability to protect against, for example, intoxication and toxins of various kinds, as well as addiction and desires.
The amethyst´s ability to calm the body’s system, such as the nervous system, makes it very useful for our body and mind. Its calming effect on our thoughts makes it very effective against sleep problems, and it also facilitates meditation, as it may be difficult to disconnect their thoughts.


Aventurine is a stone that is famous for giving luck and success in all parts of life, and it is also said to increase our leadership skills and our creativity. Aventurine balances our human and female energies, and balances and calms feelings like anger and irritation. Aventurine is an appreciated healing stone and the red aventurin wants to help you get a spiritual relationship to your survival and money. It strengthens both legitimacy, creativity and faithfulness so that you can stand your feet on earth and feel power. It´s a stone that helps us reach the abundance of life.


Carnelian is a energy stabilizing stone and is known for strengthening the individual and stimulating creativity. It is often called the stone of fashion. Carnelian is said to keep us from jealousy, hate and fear and free us from sorrow. The carnelian is a foundation stone and its strength cleans away the negativity of other stones when carried together. Feel free to carry carnelian when you want to finding the right choice in life. It can be worn as protection during pregnancy.


Citrine is a crystal that stands for joy and energy. Together with its dimly yellow color it´s sometimes called the sun’s crystal. Citrine seems to protect our aura and prevents other people’s negative energies from reaching us. It helps us express ourselves in social contexts, to have fun, to laugh and to be playfull. It can be worn as amulet to strengthen self-confidence and confidence in its own ability to create and be. It´s good for those who want to break their own patterns.


Emerald symbolizes peace, love and eternal life. It strengthens the intelligence, donates love, eloquence and popularity. Emerald protects the traveler and calms the storm at sea. It is said to protected pregnant women from miscarriage. Opens your heart so that you can both give and receive empathy and love and helps you to live in harmony with the powers of nature. It gives your mind, heart, spirit and body a new life in the form of deep rest and wisdom. Helps you find security and harmony in body and self and removes distressed anxiety. Promotes patience, business deals and wealth.


Garnet is one of the most useful healing stones when it comes to living your life. It is also called the stone of passion, as it stimulates your sexuality, gives you courage to follow your lusts and attracts passionate love. It increases your medial sensitivity and is also suitable for those who wish to attract soulmates. Increases your bodily strength, stamina and energetic creativity. Strengthens your auran and creates positive vibrations as a protection against negative energies, and it is also said to protect against thieves. Stimulates your sexual appetite, vitality and fertility. Helps you come closer to Mother Earth and the your primal force that gives you pleasure, strength and courage to express your own perfection. Resists rheumatism and skin problems, especially inflammations. Regulates the heart and the blood.


Hematite helps you break bad habits and can be called the stone of the intellect or mind. It has a calming, relaxing effect and helps you come down to earth and be more anchored in your body. The hematite also stands for balance between yin and yang, male and female. It gives the user or wearer courage, peace and trust. Protects against depression and helps with wounds that do not want to heal.


Howlite does not allow you to stay in doubt but support you so that your energy is expressed. It is a very soothing stone that can fill you with new inspiration and new ideas, and its energy is so powerful that it almost strikes you and makes you act. Howlite processes a selfish, negative and critical attitude to reveal virginity and strength.


Iolite is also called water sapphire and helps you find the right way in life as well as to trust your inner guide. Helps you get in touch with your intuition and feelings of emotion, and also to dare you to let them out. Strengthens the heart’s voice, and both heals and calms the soul. Good if you want to get the truth out in something. Can be used to stimulate visions and have been used in Shaman healing ceremonies to strengthen the spiritual power. It supports intuition, inner view and is excellent in all forms of internal travel.


Jade is a wisdom stone, which has protective and healing properties. Jade is calming and counteracts stress while giving you energy and clarity. It helps you to be humble before life, develop your inner wisdom, works as a guide through life and reminds you of the strength and the peaceful existence of the deep forests.


Jasper influences the root chakra and gives balance, quietness and security in everyday life. It protects us from travel and counteracts negativity in our surroundings. It reminds us that we are not here on earth just for our own sake. We are also here to give joy and love to others, to help others make up with their past and to realize the desires of their hearts. Jasper has been worn by shamans for its protective and healing qualities as well as for its ability to “ground” us.


Labradorites have strengthening and energizing properties and are also said to have healing properties. They are also associated with renewal and rebirth and will fill you with essential energy. Helps in the formation of cells and are therefore good during pregnancy, during childhood growth and to heal wounds. Also helps wtih vision disorders, metabolism- and digestive problems.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli helps bring awareness of the soul and your spiritual purpose in life. If you find yourself drawn to the Lapis Lazuli stone, it could be a sign that you’re ready to open the doors to the magic and wonder of the universe. Meditate with Lapis Lazuli crystal, a water element stone, and discover the honesty of your spirit, both in the spoken and written word.


Lava represents the elements of fire and earth. The stones are rich in minerals from the depths of the earth’s core and the fire is associated with energy, self-esteem and passion, while soil stands for more practical qualities, restraint and materialism.


Malachite is a healing and balancing stone, also called the “mirror of the soul”, as it shows both the negative and positive aspects of us. It neutralizes negative energy and protects against harmful radiation, such as microwaves, mobile phones and computers. The stone is also said to provide protection against radiation such as radon and against pollution from traffic and factories. It absorbs negative energy and can be used for pain or tension in the body. Malachite helps you dare to change, to let go of the past and travel into the myriads of possibilities in life.It supports development and the ability to address the problems and see the solutions. You can put the malachite on the different chakra you want to work with and for example adding malakit to the solar plexus opens up for change and transformation.


Muscovite helps to gather thoughts and to heal pain. It is also said to encourage unconditional love, to open the heart to sharing and to help you to accept other people´s imperfections. It is said to stimulate confidence and ease tension. It will help you to live in the present, and as you let go of ‘today’ it is possible for the future to unfold as it was meant to.


Moonstone is a protection stone when traveling, especially when travel over water. It is for inner growth and strength. Moonstone is a female stone and helps men (and women) to open up their female side. It neutralizes negative feelings and provides peace and harmony. It gives a milder form of passion in love and can be given as a gift to someone you love and want to protect.


Obsidian absorbs mental stress and removes negative energies. Good for visualizations and to make you understand the meaning of your life. It help you set the right goals and really reach them.


Onyx can be used to heal grief, to strengthen self-control and to stimulate wise decision-making. It will give both happiness, success and luck. The receptive character of the onyx helps us to absorb the forces and the energies of life and the universe that we need. It balances difficult conditions, the masculine side of the feminine and sexual charges so that there is no overvoltage in any direction. It also provides the power to dare to let go.

Rock crystal

Rock crystal, or Mountain crystal, is a beautiful all in one stone, said to remove negative energy, balancing imbalances and strengthening your energy. It is generally healing and can be placed on painful or tense parts of the body. Balances imbalances and solves blockages and is an excellent rock to program with wishes and affirmations. Wear a rock crystal to increase your energy and your spiritual awareness. Creates energy that helps you focus your awareness and transform negativity that is blocking you in your life. Opens the door for the good and positive, and enhances healing, meditation and development both on a personal and spiritual level. Stimulates the intuition and is generally healing in physical imbalance. The rock crystal creates energy that helps you focus your awareness and to transform negativity that blocks you in your life. It opens doors for the good and positive, and enhances healing and is also said to stimulate the intuition and is generally healing in physical imbalance.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a stone with powerful healing properties that heal both body and soul; gives comfort and love. Rose quartz helps you connect with your inner child, vulnerability, trust and innocence within you. If you have sleep problems, rose quartz can help you relax and rest.


Rudraksha stands for happiness and development opportunities. According to Ayurvedic writings, the wearing of rudraksha can have positive effects on the heart, nerves, and is good for relieving a person from stress, depression, anxiety, palpitations and high blood pressure.

Rutile quartz

The stone Rutile quartz is one of the world’s most healing crystals and can, among other things, promote increased awareness and self-esteem. Rutile quartz is a form of rock crystal known for its inclusions, “venus hair” or “love arrows” as the rutile crystals are also called and this structure makes it unique. It is a balancing stone that dissolves fear and anger and purifies the aura. It is also good for fatigue and lack of energy. It is also said to protect against radiation and is good for strengthening the immune system.


Sandalwood’s magical powers are believed to enhance your meditation and increase the power of your desires. The warm soothing scent of sandalwood also helps the mind to unwind, opens the heart and stimulates the base chakra. It is also said that increasing self-esteem and self-esteem.


Serpentine is a strong healing stone that targets its energies to the root of problems or diseases. It can also protect against gossip and despite behind your back. Use Serpentine to get rid of old sorrows, to reboot and meet the future. Use it in the spring and let yourself be reborn and flower, just like nature. It deals with your high stress levels, relieves you from moods that adversely affect your wellbeing or otherwise deal with yourself. The serpentine supports this kind of cleansing work with itself.

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz helps you look through and solve negative energy fields generated by destructive patterns made by your thought and emotions such as anger, hatred, revenge, and judgmental values. It can be used for deep relaxation, meditation and to go beyond its limits. It is a protective rock that acts as a shield against external projections and negative energies. It resolves conflicts and and helps in communication problems.


Sunstone is used to remove fear and stress, opens up for creativity and joy of life and have a very beneficial effect on your sexuality and remedy problems of this nature. Heals and strengthens vitality and lifestyles while stimulating independence and individuality, giving abundance and success to those who wear it. The sunstone has also been used as protection against destructive forces.

Tiger eye

Tiger eye provides sharpness, overview and a clear mindset. The stone reveals the truth and helps you realize and understand your own shortcomings. Tiger eye is an honest rock that intersects the illusions and shows us the facts. It can give you strength and help you move on.


Quartz is a power stone. It has been called “Universal Crystal” because of its many different uses. It increases the energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing, transferring and channeling universal energy. Quartz also increases activity of your mind, as it is a form of energy. Because it controls and enhances energy, it is very good for manifestation, healing, meditation, protection and channeling. It is also beneficial to store and retrieve information of all types. Due to its ability to balance, quartz is also excellent for harmonizing and balancing the environment. Quartz is also a good stone good to activate other crystals.