About us

So what is Manimala? Manimala was born as a way to get through and manage a prolonged period of various trials that appeared along the path of life. It may sound like a cliché, and in today’s stressful, high-performance-based society, not very unique… but that’s what happened. And it led me to yoga. And thanks to yoga, I found the beautiful meditation tool Mala beads.

However, I could’t find one that spooke to me, and it ultimately resulted in me making them myself. And today the process of creating yogajewelry is a type of meditation in itself.

Each piece is carefully created and designed to be both beautiful to look at, but also serve as a tool to collect energy and power, and to find inner peace. Above all, it’s suppose to help us to be true to ourselves, at all times, whether you are interested in yoga or not. Our jewelry is for everyone who likes beautiful things and they are made with so much love and gratitude.

At Manimala we create and design handmade Swedish jewelry inspired by yoga and mindfulness. Our core product is our malas, but we want all our jewelry to remind you of the importance of being conscious and trying to live in the present. To do the best based on your own ability and situation, and to live your live fully and make choices from within.

Love Carolina

Get in touch: info@manimala.se