True balance charm

249 kr

True balance charm balances, heals and lifts up your true self. It can help to bring out messages from the subconscious, it dissolves trapped emotions and tensions and will help you to dare change. True balance charm is made of malachite along with silver-plated details.

Malachite is a healing and balancing stone, also called the “mirror of the soul”, as it shows both the negative and positive aspects of us. It neutralizes negative energy and protects against harmful radiation, such as microwaves, mobile phones and computers. The stone is also said to provide protection against radiation such as radon and against pollution from traffic and factories. It absorbs negative energy and can be used for pain or tension in the body.

The charms are sold separately but we recommend that you match it with one of our Infinity Collection mala beads. For example: Open mind mala.

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