Grounded mind mala

899 kr

Grounded mind mala is part of our Infinity Collection and gives the wearer courage, peace and trust. Helps you get down to earth and to be anchored in your body. Grounded mind mala is made of 108 pcs 6 cm hematite stones together with details plated with silver.

Hematite helps you break bad habits and can be called the stone of the intellect or mind. It has a calming, relaxing effect and helps you come down to earth and be more anchored in your body. The hematite also stands for balance between yin and yang, male and female. Protects against depression and helps with wounds that do not want to heal.

Theese mala beads are sold separately but we recommend that you match it with one of our Infinity Collection charms.

Infinity Collection is supposed to be as infinite and unique in its possibilities and combinations as you and are created to be changed and adapted to what you might need today.

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