Raw passion mala

1495 kr

Raw passion mala is a mala that balances your inner Yin & Yang energies and increase both sexual pleasure and joy of life. It grounds and brings you harmony, security, prosperity and develops your intuition. Raw passion mala is a carefully hand tied mala in Zen style with 108 + 1 piece of red garnet beads, that´s also called Almandin combined with antique silver plated metal details (999,9/1000 silver).

Garnet is one of the most useful healing stones when it comes to living your life. It is also called the stone of passion, as it stimulates your sexuality, gives you courage to follow your lusts and attracts passionate love. It increases your medial sensitivity and is also suitable for those who wish to attract soulmates. Increases your bodily strength, stamina and energetic creativity.

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