Sea and sky mala

1495 kr

Sea and sky mala balances you emotionally, mentally and physically. It helps you listen to your inner voice, open your senses and protects you on your path through life. It also strengthens your self-respect and self-esteem. Sea and sky mala is carefully hand tied mala in zen style that consists of 108 +1 pieces beads of white and blue  jade, amazonite, aquamarine and at the top of the mala it´s angelite.

Jade you energy and clarity. It helps you to be humble before life, develop your inner wisdom, works as a guide through life and reminds you of the strength and the peaceful existence of the deep forests.

Aquamarine is a stone that makes feelings like sympathy, trust, harmony, courage and friendship to rise.

Amazonite gives you insight into bad habits and how they can be broken. Helps you to formulate your needs and how to formulate them to others. Raises awareness of your feelings and actions towards others.

Angelite strengthens the skeleton and leg structure and can accelerates healing in fractures. It strengthens all our senses by removing veils that distract and relieve throat problems.

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