True to yourself mala

1395 kr

True to yourself mala gives you power and strength to be yourself and stand up for what you feel and think. True to yourself mala is carefully hand tied mala in zen style consisting of 108 round and faceted labradoriter and rose quartz combined with antique silver plated metal details (999,9/1000 silver).

Labradorites have strengthening and energizing properties and are also said to have healing properties. They are also associated with renewal and rebirth and will fill you with essential energy. Helps in the formation of cells and are therefore good during pregnancy, during childhood growth and to heal wounds. Also helps wtih vision disorders, metabolism- and digestive problems.

Rose quartz is a stone with powerful healing properties that heal both body and soul; gives comfort and love. Rose quartz helps you connect with your inner child, vulnerability, trust and innocence within you. If you have sleep problems, rose quartz can help you relax and rest.

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