Sunlight mala

1359 kr

Sunlight mala helps us see the brightness of life, transforming the negative into something positive and improving our self-esteem and self-esteem. Sunlight mala is a carefully hand knotted mala in zen style consisting of 108 rocks of citrine and final guru bead combined with antique silver plated details (999,9/1000 silver).

Citrine is a crystal that stands for joy and energy. Together with its dimly yellow color it´s sometimes called the sun’s crystal. Citrine seems to protect our aura and prevents other people’s negative energies from reaching us. It helps us express ourselves in social contexts, to have fun, to laugh and to be playfull. It can be worn as amulet to strengthen self-confidence and confidence in its own ability to create and be. It´s good for those who want to break their own patterns.

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